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This Year I will Be Prepared

This Year I will Be Prepared

If you want to get things done, then being organised is a must, check out our top tips for decluttering your brain and simplifying life…

If you want to get things done, then being organised is a must, check out our top tips for decluttering your brain and simplifying life…

#1 Start by decluttering – EVERYWHERE!

Having a big clear out at home, work or the boot of your car is pretty liberating! Whether it’s that kitchen drawer with 14 months’ worth of payslips, utility bills and school letters stuffed into it or the deepest recess of your wardrobe – get it cleared out! If you work in an office, an overhaul of your desk space may just invigorate your working day.

We recommend sorting out into two piles; keep and bin. Keep your bin bags ready to take all the rubbish (recycle where possible) and then have a well thought out and appropriate receptacle for the treasures and necessities that pass through the gate to keep.

Really Useful Boxes have a whole host of uses when it comes to organising your life. From the super large plastic boxes useful for chunkier items to the tiny organisers perfect for all manner of bits and bobs; check out our size guide for inspiration

If its paperwork that’s holding you back try an expandable file These multipurpose files allow you to store your paperwork in individual compartments – indexed numerically or alphabetically. No more ferreting about for 3 hours in search of that DVLA renewal…

You probably won’t have given it much thought, but decluttering can have such a positive influence on your life. If your car resembles a park bin most of the time – a good clear out will mean the next time you drive to work you may feel slightly calmer!

Or maybe your dining room table is usually lost in a sea of clutter, paperwork and junk. A clear-out means you can invite some friends over for something tasty.

#2 Never miss an appointment (or birthday!) again

If the sinking feeling of dread when you realise that you forgot a birthday is a common feeling for you – it’s definitely time to invest in a diary or planner

Let’s be honest, we are all busy and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by life and forget important dates, but if you want to be the reliable one who NEVER forgets;

Whack all of your important dates a diary, such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, as well as dentist, doctors’ appointments and parents evenings.

Get into the habit of referring to it daily – and take advantage of the extra features that most diaries are packed with to make life easier. Notes for shopping lists, transport info and much more are but a page flick away.

#3 Keep calm and empty your inbox

Creating relevant folders and subfolders and then filing your mails accordingly will keep your inbox fresh and roomy!

Not only a must-have if you want to be super-efficient and find emails at lightning speed – but it allows you to delete the unwanted ASAP. There are very few people out there willing to work out of an email account (personal or professional) that has over 1000 items – it’s just bad for your soul!