Tips for a Tidy Garage Using Really Useful Boxes
December 29, 2017

There comes a time in life when we must meet our fate, stare down the barrel of the gun, come to terms with what’s inevitable – to once and for all sort out the garage.

This is nobody’s favourite job.

What was once the home for belongings categorised as ‘I don’t need it now, but one day I might’, has now become a mound of indecipherable junk. But don’t fear, these simple tips will help you get on top of it, restoring your garage into a useful, happy place once again.

Clear Plastic Boxes

‘Where did I file my 1974 Moroccan afro-trance compilation?’ We all know the feeling, right?

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to such problems and invest in some Really Useful Boxes. They’re the perfect lifelong storage option – sturdy, waterproof and light. Most importantly they’re clear, which makes a record easier to find and minimizes the chance of an awkward silence before you drop the needle on the next stone-cold classic tune.

Clear Out the Space

The simplest way to approach the items that have amassed in the garage is by arranging them into three piles: keep, sell and bin. Keep goes on the driveway, sell into the house, and bin is self-explanatory.

In fact, find the biggest, emptiest bin you can and put it in the middle of the garage. This will encourage you to be less hasty when getting rid of old stuff. Deciding on what is bin fodder can be tough – a general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in the last year, bin it. The occasional exception can be made for useless artefacts that upon mere sight bring you immense joy.

Bring it Back to Life

Once the room is stripped to the essentials it’s time to clean and paint. Hosing out the cobwebs and laying some fresh paint on the walls will make a world of difference. Don’t bother with expensive paint. And don’t be afraid to paint the floor. It will cover up dust and oil spills, add water resistance and help protect against mould and mildew.

Get Organized

Storage boxes are the key to any well-organised space. It’s time to throw out the soggy cardboard numbers and keep your belongings in something sturdier. Really Useful Boxes offer the perfect lifelong storage option – sturdy, waterproof and light. They’re also clear, so when the day comes for digging out your karate uniform you’ll know exactly where you put it.

If you want to get more enjoyment from your garage whilst increasing the longevity of your belongings, browse our range of Really Useful Boxes