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The Best Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

The Best Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day of the year to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples, but you can wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone in your life if you want to! It is a great opportunity to be creative with Valentine’s day crafts and you can even get your kids involved. Handmade gifts are often the most thoughtful, so we’ve put together a list of the best Valentine’s Day crafts and Valentine’s day card ideas you can create with your kids. Don’t worry, steps are included. Let’s get started!

Valentine’s Day Card Making Ideas

A purple card with a silhouette of cupid engraved on the front sits on a table.A purple card with a silhouette of cupid engraved on the front sits on a table.

Everyone loves receiving a Valentine’s Day card with a thoughtful message inside. Why not make it extra thoughtful and create a card using a Cricut™ Joy ? It couldn’t be easier!


1. Choose a colour of card, make sure you pick a colour that the person receiving the card will like. (It might be they prefer a more neutral Kraft-coloured card!)

2. Carefully place the art card into your Cricut Joy machine.

3. Head into Cricut Design Space and upload or create your design here. There are premade templates available too.

4. Make sure you resize your design so it fits on the card.

5. Add a scoring line down the centre of the card so it folds. 

6. Once you’re happy with your design, set your machine to cut the design and away you go!

If you don’t have a Cricut machine handy, don’t worry! We have a brilliant 1893 Card Making Kit (£20) for you. This kit has everything you need to create stunning Valentine’s Day cards. Maybe you already have all of the supplies and just need a pack of plain cards and envelopes

You can buy extra embellishments and card envelopes on our website too!

Chocolates are a classic Valentine’s Day gift, so take it to the next level and make your own!

You don’t have to try and make the chocolate from scratch, you can grab your loved one’s favourite chocolate bar and melt it down. Find a unique mould you can pour the chocolate into, hearts are always a winner. Make it taste even better by adding sprinkles, or even chopped strawberries! We all know strawberries and chocolate are a classic Valentine’s Day treat.

Adding a personal touch to something as simple as chocolates shows much more thought has gone into the gift. If your kids are helping with this craft, make sure you supervise when melting and pouring the chocolate.

Make Your Own Valentine’s Decorations

Decorating the house with balloons for Valentine’s is a tried-and-tested way to surprise your loved one - guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Add a personal twist to your Valentine’s Day decorations and create your own. If you are not feeling very crafty but you still want to give a loving touch you can always opt for some heart balloons If you want to make the day extra special why not go all out and choose the Love Balloon Boxes, these flat packed boxes come with everything you need including, red latex balloons and adhesive letters for each box. And for those who are crafty with their Cricut, why not also make a garland or wreath? 

Garland Steps:

1. Create two designs in  Cricut design space. For example, a heart and a rose.

2. Choose two different colours of art card, pink and red work well together.

3. Set your Cricut machine to cut your design, make sure you do multiple of each to form the garland.

4. Once your designs are cut out, using a hole punch, put a hole in the top centre of your design. This is where the ribbon will go through.

5. Grab some ribbon or string and thread it through the design. Now all you need to do is hang it up!

Two cricut machines sat on a kitchen table.Two cricut machines sat on a kitchen table.

Wreath Steps:

1. Select some thick card, around 200gsm+, and draw a large circle. You can use a dinner plate to draw around if needed.
2. In the middle of the circle you have just drawn, draw a smaller circle. Use a smaller plate or bowl to assist. 

3. Cut out the circles using scissors, it should look like a donut when finished.

4. If needed, create another wreath base with more card and use a glue like Ryman's 1893 Clear Glue to stick them together to increase strength. 

5. Once happy with the base of the wreath, head into Cricut Design Space and upload or create elements for your Valentine’s Day wreath. This could be a mix of hearts, roses, and leaves.

6. Create your elements in a variety of sizes, this will make your wreath look more interesting when putting it together later.

7. When each element has been created you will need to group them in the ‘Actions’ menu, e.g. group hearts together.

8. You may need to duplicate some elements depending on how full you want the wreath to be. Make sure you do this once all elements have been customised to your liking.

9. Double-check that the elements have been customised according to the colour of cardstock you are using.

10. When you’re happy with everything, click ‘Make It’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

11. Carefully remove the cut pieces of the card using the Essential Tool Set.

12. Using Ryman's 1893 Clear Glue, start arranging and sticking the paper foliage onto the wreath base you created earlier.

13. Once you’ve added all the foliage, stick some ribbon onto the back of the wreath so it can be hung up and you’re done.

Doing Valentine's day crafts is a lot of fun and definitely something your kids can help out with. They will love it just as much as you do! We have a whole host of Art and Craft products from our brand new 1893 ranges; & they are all currently on a 3 for 2 offer too!

If you are looking for gifts with a personalised touch but haven't had the chance to get crafty why not take a look at our Personalised Valentine's products?

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