Wham Home Storage Solutions
March 28, 2019

Wham have designed a huge range of home and garden storage solutions from inexpensive flexi tubs to on trend gloss baskets and organisers for every part of your home.

Cupboard & Drawer Tidy

Discover their studio baskets all designed with a clean, gloss finish - perfect for creating the illusion of more space wherever you put them. Transform your cluttered cupboards into organised showpieces to be proud of!

If you haven't heard of Mrs Hinch - where have you been? The cleaning mad Instagram star has shared with the world her top cleaning and storage tips and we love them! She uses Wham baskets for organising her kitchen and bathroom cupboards, choosing to label each basket with lettering stickers .

Wham baskets come in a variety of sizes and colours - perfect for cupboard organisation like Mrs Hinch, as well as tidying your craft supplies, stationery and toys all over the house! Why not use them in your cleaning cupboard or utility room to keep everyday products within easy reach?

These versatile baskets can be put into bedroom drawers as handy sock and underwear sorters, dressing tables to divide makeup or pantry cupboards to organise bottles, sauces and herbs.

We love Wham Studio Square Basket 1.01 . as cute plant or herb containers, gorgeous on your kitchen window sill!

Why not use a Wham Studio Rectangular Basket 3.01 as a stylish tray for your living room or snug?

Crafts, DIY & Hobbies

The ultimate range for storing bits and bobs, Wham organiser boxes are a storage solution you don't want to miss out on. Each box has a number of individual sections, great for organising smaller items such as sewing supplies, makeup, jewellery and fiddly DIY essentials such as screws and rawl plugs!

Get the kids involved and store construction bricks, small plastic toys and treasured craft essentials neat, tidy and ready for play.

Inexpensive, Everlasting & Incredibly Useful

How did we ever survive without the Wham flexi basket in our lives? Tough and durable, you can feel confident that this storage tub will handle jobs all over the house and garden and will probably outlive us all!

Available in some delightful pastel shades these baskets come in a range of sizes.

The Wham flexi bag lends itself perfectly to carrying 3 bottles of wine - ideal for transporting them back from the supermarket in your boot.

The possibilities for these baskets are absolutely endless, we have a few ideas for you below…

Help the Environment

We hear about the plastic problem plaguing our planet almost daily. What isn’t very well understood is that this problem is due to single use plastics such as bags, straws and bottles and not plastic in general. Wham only produce multi use products, some of which are made from recycled materials.

Whams Recycled range is made from post-industrial PP plastics such as car bumpers, crates and bottles caps and is available in a range of sizes…

All products labelled as upcycled are made from reground, recycled SINGLE USE household plastic, in turn preventing more plastic going into our oceans! Wham are hoping to use this material more and more within their huge product ranges.