Working From Home
Working From Home Ideas

Working From Home Ideas

Many of us are having to work from home, some for the first time due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Ensuring that you create a comfortable and functional working environment at home may be invaluable to your productivity over the next few months. This global pandemic has made working from home a necessity with many businesses advising employees to work remotely in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. Whether you need a home office for everyday or occasional use you will want it to be a space that inspires you and ensures that you stay on top of work during these unprecedented times.

If you don’t have a spare bedroom make the most of the space you do have by creating your office anywhere you have a spare nook in your home - loft, insulated shed, integrated garage, large landing or the most popular use of limited space under the stairs or even the airing cupboard!

Measure your space and find a suitable desk to fit in a style that you love. Underdesk storage ideas can range from stacked boxes to a mobile pedestal with drawers. We love Really Useful Boxes for durable storage in every size you good possibly need! Plenty of shelving around your desk can be the home of your filing, ring binders and other office essentials.

If all else fails why not simply incorporate your home office into your living space – investing in a desk that is the same style as the rest of your living or dining room furniture you will create a seamless living space with multiple functions for you and the rest of your household.

If you have absolutely no space inside then maybe explore the outside potential. A summer house can serve as great home office space and can be a peaceful escape from the distractions inside.

Here’s a home office space to rule all others… the OfficePOD! The original OfficePOD concept was to design a purpose made product aimed at being leased directly to the employer in order that they could be given to staff to work at home. Simply pop this little beauty in the garden and enjoy a bespoke office space ready to use. With fitted furniture including a desk, storage, power and lighting as well as self-contained ventilation and air conditioning, if you have the outdoor space and budget then this is a real treat!

4 Top Tips For The Perfect Home Office or Working Space

#1 Invest in good supportive seating. This is crucial if you are planning on spending hours at the desk, an ergonomically designed chair can support your body while you work – meaning that you are more productive!

#2 Ensure that your area is well lit by using great office lighting. If you can’t obtain sufficient natural light then get a great desk lamp to avoid any eye strain and to make reading, writing and typing much easier on your peepers.

#3 Organisation. Your home office can be ultra-efficient with the right kind of storage and ensuring that you keep things clean and minimal where possible. Good use of Filing cabinets, shelves, ring binders and folders can be the difference between mayhem and serenity.

#4 Inspiration – Use your home office to create a positive mood and energy. Let it become a space in your home that you look forward to using. Decorate and include items that you love such a favourite plant, photographs of loved ones, favourite places or artwork.

Companies are becoming more and more flexible in their approach to remote working, so ensure you set up your Home Office and make the most of dynamic working opportunities.