Fashion Stationery

The kids starting a new term is the perfect excuse to stock up on our exciting new ranges of stationery. From pencil cases, backpacks and all manner of school essentials that are bang on trend and won’t break the bank; including stunning pastels, Rose Gold and Camo designs.

Pastel shades add a touch of elegance to your work and your desk. Let your documents show their true colours with this gentle rainbow trend.

Ombre. Gradient. Colour merge. Whatever you’re calling it, it’s bold and beautiful! We have an exciting new collection featuring this gorgeous, bold style that’ll cheer up your office space in a flash.

Camouflage has come back in a big way! You’ll be wanting to do anything but keep our selection of camo hidden when you add some to your stationery supply.

Rose Gold is still the ultimate choice when it comes to fashionable accessories, so why should your stationery be any different? We’ve got this trend down to a fine art so you can be bling at school, home or the office.

Our new glitter and sequins range will have you spoilt for sparkling choice when trying to choose your favourite item! Colour change sequins, gloss dipped glitter and sparkle textures galore!

Unicorn, Mermaid, Mermicorn? This hot trend is here to stay and we’ve just added lots of new arrivals to our range! From shiny to subtle, these cute designs will satisfy your magical creature cravings. The only issue is, which one are you going to choose?

Pearls, oil slick and molten metals all create this irresistible combination of rainbow colours and shiny goodness. A new range has just hit our stores in time for September, and we’re hooked!

Gotta catch ‘em all! You might feel the same about our Pokemon themed items as we have lots of great new additions to our favourite pocket monster range for you to check out.

Harry Potter remains one of the best-loved characters in the world, and our beautiful new range of official Potter stationery goodies are perfect for all Hogwarts fans.