Passion for Stationery

February 7, 2017 / Read

Here at Ryman we are feeling loved up. It may surprise you (or not) to find that stationery brings out a lot of passion in some folk.

Most of us will remember that feeling at school when you are given a brand new exercise book ...Pure. Untainted. Heaven.

This has followed many into their adult live’s. The unadulterated pleasure of writing the first sentence into a new diary or notebook is still an odd buzz that can’t be denied.

You go in, giddy and full of the BEST intentions of writing through the whole book in your best handwriting (illegible scrawl usually follows post page 3), but the hope was there.

Other similar joys are choosing and buying a new pencil case then rushing home to transfer all of your stationery out from the old and into the new.

If you really want to push the boat out then treat yourself to a brand new Eraser that smooth, unused rubber, perfect in its purity just waiting for its first wipe out.

Asking others what their stationery highlights are has revealed plenty…

Highlighting ink and keeping your nib clean, sharpening pencils and achieving a personal best in shaving length, replacing the ink in your Fountain pen and rejoicing in the juicy ink flow or finding that pen that makes your handwriting SPECTACTULAR!

There’s not just one thing that stokes our fires of passion when it comes to all things stationery… it’s a lot of little things!

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