How to Declutter Your Home Before and After Christmas
November 16, 2021

Christmas this year is going to be special for most of us. After 2020’s Lockdown Christmas, many families will be hosting big gatherings and going all out this year to make up for it. If you have grand festive plans, you should start decluttering for Christmas as soon as possible. It’s important to have a decluttering plan together before you get started, or you’ll feel overwhelmed by how much decluttering needs to be done. Having handy storage boxes like Really Useful Boxes will make the process a lot easier. We’re going to show you how to declutter your home for Christmas!

Decluttering and Cleaning Before Christmas

A Christmas tree Really Useful Box is sat on a sofa in front of a log burner in a living room.A Christmas tree Really Useful Box is sat on a sofa in front of a log burner in a living room.

A lot of people with smaller homes find storing their belongings difficult. The lack of storage cupboards, an attic or basement can leave people stuck, resulting in possessions being strewn all over the house. Clever storage solutions are key to keeping your home tidy, and decluttering for Christmas. 

The dust is being swept away from the spare bedroom in preparation for relatives coming to stay. But what are you going to do with all those bits and pieces you put in the spare bedroom? If you need to tidy away small items that are useful to keep in a spare room, such as towels, spare pillows, and candles, then the Curver My Style Storage Baskets (£13.99) are perfect. These baskets have a beautiful vintage look, and come in a variety of colours. They are made of a strong, durable material, and have easy to carry handles. Using baskets such as these will tidy up a room nicely and blend in with your decor.

Four Box Method Decluttering

For anyone who can’t get away with leaving items in the spare room this Christmas, try the Four Box Method. It’s a simple and easy decluttering method that will have all your rooms looking spick and span in no time.

First things first, you will need to find and label four boxes. The Really Useful Storage Boxes 64 Litre Pack of 4 (£60.00) are made for this level of decluttering. You can go the extra mile and use a Dymo Embosser Omega (£19.99) to create labels for the boxes. The four different boxes you need are:

- Keep. For items you use daily or weekly.
- Donate/Sell. Good quality items that you no longer use, and others could get use out of.
- Storage. Things you need, but not on a regular basis such as Christmas decorations.
- Throw. Broken items that can’t be donated or sold and are no longer of use.

Choose a room to declutter and go through things strategically. Really think about the boxes you put your possessions in. Don’t throw them in with little thought. Ask yourself “How often do I use this?”, “Does this have sentimental value?” and “Would I buy this again if I didn’t already own it?”. 

Once your boxes are filled, empty them out appropriately and start again!

Decluttering Your Home After Christmas

A flat lay displaying an ornament tray filled with baubles and on the left of it is a snowflake decoration.A flat lay displaying an ornament tray filled with baubles and on the left of it is a snowflake decoration.

Once the festivities are over, you have to figure out how to store your Christmas decorations. This is usually a difficult process. Nothing ever seems to fit back in the boxes, is it possible that you’ve somehow accumulated more Christmas decorations? Generally no, it’s just a matter of smart storage.

Artificial Christmas trees can be really awkward to pack up and store. Luckily, we have a Christmas tree storage box that’s currently on offer for £34.99. This 77 litre storage box comes with two trays, ideal for storing baubles and tinsel. This box is extremely durable, and is a much better storage option than trying to squeeze your artificial tree into its original box. If you want to get the full details on the best way to store an artificial Christmas tree, check out this blog post!

You can also have boxes for specific items. A box for glass baubles, one for wreaths, and another for garlands. This level of organisation is made easy with the Personalised Really Useful Box (£22.99). You can personalise these boxes however you like. We highly recommend having separate boxes for specific decorations. It’s the best way to keep everything organised and reduce breakage. Don’t forget to wrap the delicate decorations in bubble wrap.

Make sure you get your home decluttered this festive season! You can find all the Really Useful Storage Boxes here. If you’re in need of Christmas inspiration, follow us on Instagram.