The Best Home Office Layout Ideas
November 25, 2021

Working from home offices is slowly becoming the norm, and is the first choice for many as a workspace. A lot of people find they are happier working from home, and one study has found employees are more productive in private office spaces. Open plan office spaces are common these days but they do come with their drawbacks. Uncontrollable noise and lack of privacy can hinder productivity, hence the preference to work from home.  

Optimising your home office layout is key to keeping productivity levels high. You don’t want to find yourself distracted by a pile of clutter at your desk or a TV show in the background. There are many clever ways to create a productive home office layout, and we will show you the best ones.

Office Layout Ideas to Improve Productivity

As mentioned above, there are many factors that contribute to an unproductive office. Distracting background noise, poor lighting, bad ergonomics, and an unstimulating environment all have a negative impact on productivity. You can have more control over this when working from home. Sometimes the colour of the workspace can have an impact on productivity as well as the overall layout. Painting your office a calming colour like sage green, or a productive colour like blue can make all the difference. The impact of office layout on productivity is huge, and you need to make sure your home office works for you. 

Creating a Clutter-Free Space

A rose gold metal magazine holder is sat on a white corner next full of magazines and notebooks.A rose gold metal magazine holder is sat on a white corner next full of magazines and notebooks.

Having a workspace filled with clutter is a sure-fire way to decrease productivity. You need to make sure everything has a home and any old scraps of paper are thrown away.

First things first, organise the notebooks and pens at your desk. Even in this digital age we need to physically write things down from time to time, and these items can really clutter up your desk. Desk organisers are key, and there are so many to choose from. To stop pens from rolling around your desk, go for a pen pot like the Osco Pen Pot or the Curver My Style Round Pot. Your notebooks can be easily organised in the Ryman Metal Magazine File or the Ryman Metal Desk Storage Basket. Simple organisational changes like this can really have an impact on your productivity. Give your desk a tidy, and see how much more work you can get done!

If adding storage onto your desk isn’t an option, why not consider getting a new desk with storage built in? If you only need a little extra storage, opt for the Trenchard Mid-Century Study Desk. It has perfect cubby holes, a small draw, and shelf for you to neatly organise your desk necessities. The Bray Corner Home Office Desk is ideal for those with small workspaces as it can slide easily into any room. With two small shelves built in, you can keep the surface of your desk clear of clutter.

Sometimes even that isn’t enough, and you need additional office storage. Go for a handy Ryman 3 Tier Storage Trolley, you can even personalise it! You can place any additional office supplies into the trolley trays that you don’t need everyday to make space at your desk. If you need to store confidential documents then go for the Pierre Henry A4 4 Drawer Maxi Filing Cabinet to keep everything secure. It comes with lockable drawers and keys, plus you can fit a great deal in them. It’s perfect for keeping your home office layout free of clutter.

Evaluate Your Office Ergonomics

A black ergonomic office chair is sat in a home office.A black ergonomic office chair is sat in a home office.

Incorporating proper ergonomics into your home office layout greatly boosts productivity. Poor ergonomics can cause muscle and nerve pain, especially in the back. You’ll struggle to concentrate and be productive if you’re aching. Luckily, we have a range of ergonomic chairs for your home office.

Having a comfortable ergonomic chair is vital, but you don’t need to compromise on design. The Liberty Mesh Executive Chair has adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and headrest to completely suit your needs. If you’re on a stricter budget, then go for the Pago Jet II Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair also has adjustable lumbar support to make sure that your back is fully supported when you’re working.

For a more indepth look into home office ergonomics, you can take a look at our buying guide. We also have a great buying guide to help you find the perfect office chair, so be sure to give that a read.

Biophilic Design

Four artificial succulent plants in grey plant pots are sat in a row on a brown deskFour artificial succulent plants in grey plant pots are sat in a row on a brown desk

Biophilic design is a refreshing concept used to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment. Being around nature and plants has a positive effect on mental health and productivity. When people are outdoors they feel an overall decrease in stress, and an increase in mood and feeling of well-being. On top of that, plants filter the air, and cleaner air helps concentration. It’s no surprise that people are starting to fill their home office with plants.

We have a wide range of planters available for you to put your plants in. The Interiors by PH Large Multi-Faceted Planter is the perfect stylish home for your plants. It’ll naturally fit into your home office, and having legs on the pot means you won’t get soil on the floor. 

If you’re not particularly green-fingered, you can always put an artificial plant in your workspace. Having a pop of greenery, real or not, will boost your mood. Interiors by PH Faux Eucalyptus in a Ceramic Pot will look lovely and calming in your home office. You won’t have to remember to water it and worry about it dying either, what a bonus! Now and then you will need to remember to give it a light dusting though. 

Ensure You’ve Got Sufficient Lighting

An ask coloured ginko octagon one desk lamp is sat on a coffee table in front of a vase of pink flowers.An ask coloured ginko octagon one desk lamp is sat on a coffee table in front of a vase of pink flowers.

Having enough lighting when you’re working in your home office is vital. Poor lighting can contribute to eyestrain and headaches. Where possible, have natural light fill your office. Sunlight can boost your mood and increase productivity. Flooding your home office with natural light may not be an option for everyone. In this case, make sure that you have good quality lamps in your workspace.

Effective desk lamps don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The Premier Housewares Blake Wooden Adjustable Desk Lamp is a budget friendly and stylish choice for your home office desk. This adjustable lamp has hinge joints making repositioning easy. If you do want to add a bit more style to your desk, the Ginko Octagon One Desk Lamp is the one for you. It’s small and won’t take up much desk space. Not only that, but it adds a bit of personality to your home office which is vital for productivity. 

When it comes to creating the best home office layout for you, there are several factors to keep in mind. Keep it comfortable, clutter-free, well-lit and add personality. If you are still missing a few home office furniture essentials, you can find them at Ryman

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