Primary and Secondary School Checklist
July 07, 2017

Avoid the annual summer craziness and get organised with our Back to School checklists. Tick off items as you go over the course of the holidays and be September ready in no time!

Don’t forget to double-check what kit is needed with your school’s website before you start shopping and take a screenshot of the lists below so nothing gets forgotten!

Stationery Checklist

The good news is that while your kids are still young at primary school they will provide most of the stationery for you. But don’t forget they will still need all of the below for homework tasks set weekly!

• Handwriting Pen

• Pencil

• Sharpener

• Eraser

• Ruler

• Pencil Case

• Colouring Pencils

For children of secondary school age, the requirements increase slightly. Things like USB Sticks and Ring Binders are nice to have’s but the below are going to be essential for their continued learning:


Scientific Calculator

• Geometry Set - Compass, 360-Degree Protractor, Set Square


• 30 cm Ruler

Fountain Pen

• Ink Eraser or Correction Fluid (if it’s allowed in school)


Don’t forget the core extras such as a good quality school bag to hold all of their essentials in. Check out our Kids reviewing Back to School Bags for some inspiration while browsing.

When looking for lunch box think insulated with a carry strap or handle. Our advice on water bottles would be to buy a couple as it’s always something that either gets left behind at school or lost completely!


When buying uniform it’s important to remember two things…children can stain ANYTHING and they will grow. Buy enough to ensure that you have good wash rotation but not too much in case they outgrow everything in the first term…and don’t forget the vanish!

• 5 x Polo shirts

• 2 x Jumpers/Cardigans

• Shoes

• Socks

• 2 x Trousers / Shorts / Skirts

• Waterproof Coat

For Secondary school, they will probably require a blazer with the school crest as well as a tie

Primary & Secondary Essential P.E Kit

With P.E kits it pretty safe to bet that all or at least parts of it will be lost at some point so don’t go with the most expensive options as chances are it will never be seen again!

A hot tip for secondary school parents would be to hold off on the ‘trainers purchase’ until a couple of weeks into the term, this gives them chance to check out peers and inevitably change their mind!

Gym Bag

• Gym Shoes/Plimsolls

• T-shirt

• Shorts

• Socks

Secondary School P.E. Kit Extras

• Trainers

• Specialised sports kit for inside and outside such as Leotard, Hoody, Rugby Top or Badged Polo T-Shirt

• Hockey extras such as shin pads

Often school badged P.E. equipment is required so check with your school.

Core Extras

And lastly don’t forget to label EVERYTHING!

Labelling all of their clothes, bags and shoes will hopefully prevent items from getting lost or going home with another pupil.

Name Labels and Fabric Pen


Sharpie Pen