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So, You Bought A Maths Set... Now What?

So, You Bought A Maths Set... Now What?

It’s always a daunting feeling in the lead up to a new school year. There’s always something on your checklist that you’re not even sure what you need it for… Do we still even use protractors? What even is a set square? Can’t their tablet do that? Well, don’t worry, we’ve teamed up with Helix to help you understand why a Helix maths set is an essential for your back to school checklist.


The first Helix Maths set was introduced all the way back in 1912! And over 100 years on it’s still the gold standard of maths sets. Helix have mastered the ingredients for the perfect maths set and made sure it includes everything you could possibly need to conquer your lessons and exams. As well as keeping you well equipped, they’ve also made sure you look good too! With a variety of colourful designs, Helix have got maths sets to match your back to school aesthetic. 


So what's in a maths set?

Ever since 1912 when the original set was created, there has always been a pencil, compass, eraser, sharpener, ruler, stencil and set square. The original stencil was composed of different chemistry-type markings whereas in the modern maths sets, they are made from the alphabet and numbers 0-9. 

The addition of the mini timetable and help sheet appeared later, which has been a great addition to the already helpful set, helping you organise your week and not miss any classes or deadlines!


But how do I use these items?

Pencil & Compass
A compass is a handy tool that can help create curved lines. By using your pencil along with this it can help you achieve perfect angles and shapes. Once you’ve decided on your angle for your arc or circle, fix the pencil into the slot of the moving arm and secure it in place with the turner. Carefully place the needle into the centre of your intended shape and gently turn. 

You can use your ruler to draw straight lines or measure the size of shapes. Did you know, all Helix rulers are designed with a chamfered edge? This means their rulers have a soft-angled edge that allows for perfectly precise measurements every time, with a clear, shadow-free view of the drawing line. 

This is a great tool to use that will keep your work and revision notes looking neat and uniform. It’s a useful piece in the set to create titles and headings for each of your different subjects and modules.

Set Square
This tool is used to help create precise right angles, perpendicular and parallel lines. There are two in the maths set which offer both 90-45-45 degree angles and 30-60-90 degree angles. 

Scheduling your week can be tricky, that’s why Helix has provided you with a timetable where you can input your weekly lessons along with break times. On the other side of your timetable, there is the ultimate maths dictionary. You can find all the jargon, measurements and equations that you could possibly need for your lessons, making sure you’re always in the know and ready to learn.

There you have it, you’re now ready to take on those maths lessons!

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