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If you’re an experienced gamer, you’ll know the importance of having a good gaming chair. Reach new heights and take your set-up to the next level with our range of gaming chairs. Whether you’re a PlayStation, Xbox or PC fan, we have the perfect options for you. Choose from top brands like X Rocker, Alphason and Kaikoo.

Ergonomically designed, our computer gaming chairs prevent discomfort and strain, so you can stream and beat high-scores with complete postural support. Choose from a range of designs and styles to suit your gaming accessories setup. We have LED gaming chairs, floor gaming chairs, racing gaming chairs, gaming massage chairs, ergonomic chairs and many more. You can rely on Ryman® for all your gaming needs!

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Perform like a pro and browse our range of gamer-friendly furniture and accessories. A good setup isn’t complete without gaming desks, headsets, monitors and keyboards. Don’t let a strained back or sore neck hinder your performance. Our gaming chairs and accessories can improve your gaming experience by offering support, comfort, control and more realism. If you’re a popular streamer, just starting out, or just straight up enjoy unwinding with an RPG, our range of chairs will keep you comfortable so you don’t need to hunch or lean. If you’re into your racing games, then you definitely need a racing gaming chair for rocking, steering, and veering. With in-built footrests, you can spin away into a world of your own.

Looking for a specific colour or style? Choose from colours black, blue, green and many more! Perfect for any gaming room setup.



What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed for support and comfort over long periods of time whilst you lose yourself in a cyber world. There are many different types of gaming chairs, including LED, massage chairs, rocking, racing-style, and beanbags. PC gaming chairs are often built with swivel wheels, this is perfect for a desk set up when you’ll be using a computer. These types of chairs are built ergonomically to ensure your body is supported whilst sitting at a desk. Gaming chairs for popular consoles are often in the form of an armchair or rocking chair. This is suited to the specific games you can find on consoles, such as racing. This allows your body to be supported whilst sitting close to the console, allowing for a comfortably immersive experience.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

At Ryman, our range of gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to prevent discomfort and muscular strain. This means your back will be supported throughout your epic gaming sessions to ensure no interruption. There are different types of ergonomic furniture that further supports the human body, there is: back support, cushions for the lower back, armrests, footstools and wrist rests. This furniture is built to offer maximum support whilst gaming for long periods of time. It’s important when setting these up to arrange them in the correct positioning:

  • Cushions: A back support cushion should be placed vertically across the back of the chair so that it is flush against the lower part of the back.
  • Armrests: Armrests should be positioned at your natural elbow position. When armrests are properly positioned, they should sit just under your elbows when your hands are in your lap. This is important for both PC and console gamers.
  • Footstools: A footrest should be placed just under your feet so that they rest comfortably on it. 
  • Wrist Rests: A wrist rest should be placed just next to your keyboard, with the height and angle matching your keyboard as closely as possible. This is particularly important for PC gamers.


Why Should I Get a Gaming Chair?

You sit differently depending on your seat. Naturally, in an office chair, you’re positioned to type and scroll and write, but in a gaming chair you’re more engaged and enraptured in a digital world. This means you need different chairs for different uses, which is where a gaming chair comes in. You should buy a gaming chair if you regularly game recreationally or if, when you do, you do so for a long period of time. This ensures you can game comfortably without suffering discomfort or postural changes. Also, aesthetically, gaming chairs are pretty dynamic. A regular computer chair feels a little corporate, but gaming chairs come in cool colour combinations like black and red with stylish designs, so it will fit in with your setup without looking lost in your living room or study.

How to Clean a Gaming Chair?

How you clean your gaming chair depends on the type of chair you have. It’s important you don’t damage your gaming chair with products that are harsh and could impact the fabric. At Ryman we offer leather and fabric gaming chairs. When you purchase your gaming chair, cleaning instructions are often included. 

  • There are a few ways you can clean your gaming chair:
  • Lightly vacuum / dust the gaming chair fabric

Gently wipe your chair with a soft sponge and warm water. It’s important you don’t use any harsh detergent or cleaning solution that could impact the fabric. 
Always check your chair’s label and instructions as to how to care for it and follow all manufacturer advice, this is just a brief guide.


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