Dark Nights, Bright Savings

Oct 09, 2015 / Read

Discover how to stay warm when the weather gets colder at Ryman Pulse

It’s Autumn Fever here at Ryman HQ. We’re loving the crisp, fresh air and the gorgeous rustic colours of the falling leaves. One thing we’re not loving though is the diminishing hours of daylight, and the reach-for-a-blanket temperatures in the evenings and night time.

And just in case you’re having similar trepidations, we’ve brought in some supplies to help you get back to enjoying crunching leaves underfoot and playing a round of conkers. Here are the essential products for your home or home office to see you through autumn.

Heating - If you’re trying to knuckle down to some work in your home office, but have to stop typing every 10 seconds for a full body shiver, then perhaps some portable heating is the solution. With our range of heaters will keep you toasty as you get to work.

Reading - Ideal for your desk as the sun begins to shrink away mid-afternoon, one of these Lamps will help keep your bright ideas flowing.

Sleeping - When it’s finally time to call it a night, make sure your bed is as warm as the colours of that 5pm sunset. This electric under-bed blanket will keep you pleasantly warm throughout the night, with a built in auto-overheat sensor.

And if that’s not enough, we have lots of give-aways and competitions lined up to keep things exciting. So stay warm and stay tuned!

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