Elmer's Slime Competition 2019
August 7, 2019 / Do

Enter Your Child in Elmer’s Slime Games for a chance to WIN £1,000 in Cash & More

An AMAZING summer experience with your child, making slime together & winning big is knocking on your door!

Elmer’s Slime Games is live now with lots of AMAZING PRIZES up for grabs!

The Ultimate Slime Champion (x1): Video Creator Kit + £1000 Cash Prize + 1 Year Supply of Slime

Category Winners (x15): 6 Months Supply of Slime + £250 Cash Prize


And it is so easy to enter! Just 4 STEPS!

1. Like Elmer's UK Facebook Page or follow Elmer's UK Instagram (search @Elmers.uk on either platform)

2. Make a video of your & your child making Slime together & having fun!

3. Upload the video on your Facebook or Instagram page, tag Elmer’s UK & specify one of the 4 categories in your post

4. Share your videos with your family & friends to get more likes to WIN!

Just head over to www.elmersslimegames.co.uk to find out more information about how your child can be crowned ELMER’S ULTIMATE SLIME CHAMP!

Elmer’s Slime Games is live until August 25th so hurry up & enter!

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