Home-made Christmas Cards

November 13, 2015 / Do

What's more special than receiving a personal home made Christmas card? We've got loads of ideas for you to get all creative and make Christmas works of art to surprise & delight your family & friends.

As the festive season starts, stock up on blank cards, envelopes and other craft essentials that will help you to create stunning greetings card this Christmas.

Sure to put a smile on the recipients face, this is a fun craft activity to keep your kids busy for hours!

We've lined up some easy to follow design templates for both adults and children.

Click through to ourcraft page and find home made Christmas card ideas, inspiration and everything you will need to get started.

Or Print out our step by step instruction sheet to help you create your very own pop up Christmas.

Christmas is all about family and friends so take some time to sit down with loved ones and get stuck into a fun festive craft together. Children love getting involved and you’ll be making memories every step of the way.

Explore Christmas Craft Club here

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