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How To Help Teachers Who Are Spending Their Own Money On Stationery

A recent survey by the National Education Union (NEU) and TES has highlighted that teachers are still using their own money to buy classroom essentials. In fact, 94% of teachers are paying for things like books, stationery, and storage equipment, because they feel that their school budget isn’t covering the basics.

We spoke to a National Leader of Education who leads a Multi-Academy Trust in Cheshire, Fiona Todd. “Nobody expects our teacher’s to spend their own money on supplies, but they care so deeply about their pupils that they make sure their needs are met by any means possible,” she says. “But it can be a financial burden for teachers, so any support they get from parents, the public, and businesses goes a long way.”

So what can you do to help teachers who are spending their own money on stationery?

How Much Of Their Own Money Do Teachers Spend?

The NEU and TES estimates that teachers spend at least £1’000 a year on essentials for their classrooms. This includes things like books and stationery but, in some cases, covers toilet paper, clothes, and food for pupils.

How Much Do Teachers Earn?

A teacher’s wage depends on experience and location. But a starting salary is normally £23’000 outside of London. It’s estimated that they spend upwards of 5% of this annual salary on school supplies and essentials.

What Supplies Do Teachers Need The Most?

According to the NEU and TES survey, 73% of teachers use their own money to buy pens, pencils, and board markers. 43% are paying for art materials.

Supplies teachers are buying:

• Pens

• Pencils

• Whiteboard Markers

• Books

• Paint

• Paint Brushes

• Glue

• Storage Boxes

How Can You Help?

Here at Ryman, we work closely with schools and we know the impact that school budgets have on teaching and learning. That’s why we’ve launched our new ‘Vouchers for Classrooms’ scheme - to help school’s raise extra funding for essential classroom supplies. So for every £5 you spend at Ryman, we’ll give you one of our Vouchers for Classrooms to take to your school. Your school can then redeem these vouchers at Ryman to purchase supplies.

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