6 Easy Ways to Wake Up With More Energy

August 07 2015 / Read

Do you often start the day groggy, bleary eyed and counting down the hours until you can crawl back into your pit? If so, read our 6 easy ways to wake up filled with energy, so you can take on the challenges of the day ahead…

#1 I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed…

A good night’s sleep – blindingly obvious when you think about it, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself when you are snoozing. Nothing leaves us feeling groggier than a sleepless night and there are tons of health benefits to a good night’s kip. You can track the amount and quality of your sleep with this clever device from Fitbit. How to improve your chances of avoiding restless, light sleep? Try and avoid coffee and caffeinated tea, red wine, chocolate and fatty foods in the evenings and instead opt for a small glass of water before you go to sleep.

#2 Crack the shutters open wide

Keep your bedroom window open (just a crack) throughout the night. The benefits of sleeping with open windows are two fold - the open window stops build-up of the potentially harmful chemical carbon dioxide (the stuff we breathe out) and the fresh air that can then circulate stops the room from drying out as much.

They say that each hour of sleep BEFORE midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep AFTER midnight.

#3 Set an alarm – Make sure you get up at same time every day.

We don’t necessarily need 8 hours - more true is that we need a consistent bedtime and get up time routine! Set your bedtime for the same time every night, if you can, aim for somewhere around the 10pm mark. With artificial lights, TVs and devices it’s all too easy to stay up late but this interrupts our body’s natural instincts to be active at daybreak and to rest with the dark. You can then set your alarm clock for the same time each morning. If you work shifts then this can be tricky but endeavour to stick to it as closely as you can.

When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated – keep the glasses of water flowing through the day!

#4 Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up

Why drink a glass of water first thing? Drinking a glass of water will jump start your metabolism as well as banish the dehydration of your night’s sleep. Keep drinking filtered water throughout the day (aim for at least the standard 8 glasses) this will also encourage your skin to glow – bonus!

#5 Goodbye Coffee – Hello Super Smoothie!

Most of us skip breakfast and instead have a cup of caffeine laced coffee. To have more energy through the morning fuel your body with super foods in the form of a yummy smoothie or juice. Sure coffee gives us a boost but it’s not long before our energy starts to flag and we crave more. Not so with this alternative breakie. Grab your blender and try whizzing a banana, yoghurt and oats together (you can even add avocado for mega vitamins and health benefits and you won’t believe how good this tastes) for a yummy breakfast boost that will keep you full until lunch.

#6 An Icy Blast – How standing under a cold shower for few seconds can boost morning energy?

Jump into the shower when you wake up, before you finish switch the temperature to cold. It might make you gasp (try not to scream!) and stay there for around 30 seconds. Hot and cold hydrotherapy has been used as far back as records go. Enjoy reduced stress, improved circulation and a stronger immune system as well as a massive wake up boost that will leave you feeling zingy and fresh!

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