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May 10, 2014 / Read

Today's guest post comes from Angela of the lovely blog PaperLovestory. She introduces herself below….

Hi I’m Angela and I blog over at PaperLovestory Thank you to Ryman for letting me write this guest post where I will be talking about returning to university.

Considering this is my second time doing university and fifth time starting a new undergraduate university academic year I have a pretty good idea about how to prepare mentally physically and most importantly with my stationery for a year of studying. Though I'm by no means an expert!


The best way to have my notes is to have them collated in a Notebook I don’t deal with loose sheets of paper well - and have all my notes handwritten with as many diagrams hand-drawn as possible. This is where fine liners such as these Sharpie Fineliners come in handy.

Just because studying isn’t the most fun a person can have, doesn’t mean my notebooks can’t be interesting Paperblanks Notebook and/orColourful Moleskine can add a bit of positivity to studying.

Writing Tools

Pens are a big deal for me - I use different pens for different scenarios. This may sound a bit obsessive but I do believe that for me writing revision notes in the right pen can make a big difference. I am a big fan of these Staedtler biros for high speed scrawling in lectures though I do deviate sometimes and opt for a gel pen.

Study Space

My study space has to be quite minimalistic or I may be easily distracted. Therefore having desk drawers and things arranged in an organised manner are essential to a constructive study session and these acrylic ones are perfect for storing my page flags paper clips and other little bits and bobs!

Other Tools

As a student I’ve always got through an insane number of sticky notes but this year I wanted to try some transparent ones that are re-usable.

These ones from the same people who came up with the Magic Whiteboard will be an interesting addition to my stationery arsenal this year! Armed with all these organisational tools I am sure the next academic year will be a productive one. Although my study methods worked well in the past I am not one to rest on my laurels and am always looking for ways to enhance my studying in a positive way though fine tweaks.

How do you prepare for a new academic year?

About the Guest Author:

You can check out Angela's tales of paper loving over on her blog where she talks all about being creative and fashionable with paper and stationery. You can also say hello to her over on Twitter

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