Staying Organised using a Filofax

January 07, 2015 / Read

Today's guest post is from a blogger named Sachiko Wilson. Her blog is all about staying organised using a Filofax plus tips on how to customise your pages to make it personal and fun.

About me

Hello! My name is Sachiko and I'm from Japan. I love organizing love all kinds of cute stationery and I especially love my Filofax organiser. I really enjoy creating my own accessories to cutify my Filofax and I'd love to share my ideas with you!

How it Started….

When I was in Japan I always used to use a notebook style planner. After moving to the UK my lifestyle changed greatly so I started looking for a ring binder that was more suitable for my needs.

One day I went to the Ryman shop near my house and I fell in love with the Pocket size Filofax Finsbury. It was on sale at Ryman and the price was just unbelievable to me considering how expensive it is in Japan!! So that's how I started using Filofax and since that day it’s been my great buddy not just for its functionality but also its unlimited potential for customization!

My Dividers

Some dividers are already included when you buy a Filofax but I’m sure you'll soon feel that you want to customize pages in your own way! So here are the first dividers I created. I printed all the words on thick photo paper cut out the divider shapes and laminated them so that they would last a long time. If you create your own dividers they will last a lot longer if you laminate them. I used to use a budget laminator which worked fine but now I use one made by Leitz which is a great laminator and also available at Ryman.

Gradually I started thinking about how to make my dividers special with some cuteness so they would cheer me up every time I opened up my Filofax. Then one day I did some sketches on a piece of paper and these are the dividers I made based on my sketches!

These dividers made me so happy every time I opened my Filofax so I started creating more dividers with different designs. I also create my own refills stickers and page markers.

Handmade Refills and Stickers

I print out my designs on adhesive paper and kiss cut them using a Silhouette Cameo.


Now I'm an owner of a shop called Cute Organizing on Etsy where I sell my handmade accessories to help you cutify your own organisers!

About the Guest Author

Sachiko Wilson is the owner of FilofaxLove Blog plus the owner of her Cute Organizing Shop on Etsy with hand-made Filofax accessories.

You can also find Sachiko on Facebook

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